Due to high demand the following class has been brought back for 2 more dates and locations:
7741: New Fires, So What? Prerequisite: None (Class is targeted to fire service instructors, company officers, and chief officers who may have the responsibilities to command fire ground activities.) Contact Hours: 4 This course is designed to improve decision-making through increased knowledge of the changing fire environment, review and expand understanding of fire dynamics, the importance of size-up, and choosing tactics to fit the fire conditions and re-evaluate ventilation practices. Additional information will include understanding the collapse hazard of today’s homes and tactical considerations for basement fires as well as reexamining suppression practices. This information and discussion will provide an opportunity for firefighters and instructors to get the facts and discuss myths that affect fire service training and response.
They are offerd as follows:
June 25,2016 At Double Springs FD at 08:30
July 23, 2016 At Centerville FD at 08:30
Please submit your registration to me with the date and location you would like to have