The Anderson County Fire Protection Commission has been notified by ISO that the fire district’s ISO Public Protection Classification will be reduced in October 2017. The Anderson County Fire Protection Commission district was graded in March and has received a rating of 3/3y. The previous rating was a 4/4x. In this rating every citizen in the fire protection commission’s jurisdiction has the potential to receive a deduction in their insurance premiums. The grading process evaluates several areas including emergency communication, fire department capabilities, water supply, and community risk reduction.

We are pleased to announce the improvement in the ISO rating and are very proud of our team for achieving a valued benchmark. Anderson County citizens can be confident that the Anderson County Fire Protection Commission and the 900 volunteer firefighters are working for them to provide adequate fire protection.

With almost 900 volunteer firefighters in 27 locally organized fire stations Anderson Fire Protection Commission is one of the largest volunteer fire systems in the nation. The value of a volunteer fire service is seen every day in the commitment of volunteer firefighters that have signed up to protect their neighbors from fires and emergency situations. This reduction in ISO classification is another example of their commitment to the citizens of Anderson County.

On October 1, 2017 citizens should contact their insurance provider to advise them of the reduced classification to seek any premium reductions.